Chicago Dance Academy

Policies and Info; Covid-19–Special Instructions



Please understand that issued protocols have been a very fluid situation, with rules and pronouncements changing on a near daily basis. Our studios are very large, as is our waiting area, so social distancing is easy to accomplish. Our class sizes are limited which further simplifies the situation and there are breaks between classes. You will be informed about any changes as they occur.

  • Masks must be worn by all when in the building, children and adults.
  • If possible, we would like students to be dropped off at the front door. A staff member will help them.
  • For Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet students, we understand that this probably difficult to do. One parent may enter and stay in the marked off areas.
  • Hand sanitizer will be dispensed upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Please limit bags and other carried items. Come as fully dressed for class as is possible. Locker room use must be minimal, and lockers my not be used.
  • The beloved water fountain has been shut down. Students in Ballet II and up may bring water bottles. For the younger children, we ask that you have something for your child to drink before entering and then ready directly after.
  • For the students in the one hour and longer classes, or the parents of younger students who are comfortable dropping them off, again, a staff member will help them enter and not allow them to exit until we see a parent.
  • Scheduling has been adjusted to limit the numbers of persons in the building at any time. This will cut down on the number of people in the building at any given time.
  • Numbers of students for all classes in all divisions have been reduced. There are marks on the floor that the teachers will have the dancers work around, and there are marks on the ballet barres or positioning between the wall brackets that are used.
  • Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet dancers should bring their own props—something to use as a wand and a scarf.
  • Mommy & Me, First Steps, and one Creative Movement class will be offered through Zoom.
  • We encourage you to register for classes by phone or email. The forms are on the website—fill out and email back. You may call with your payment or request that a link for payment be sent. (We will still have forms at the desk; you may still do it the old fashioned way if necessary.)

Facility Etiquette–please refer to the Covid-19 policies. We will revert back to these when restrictions are lifted.

  • Running is not allowed in the hallways or waiting areas.
  • All children not attending classes need adult supervision.
  • Please inform the school staff if your child suffers from severe allergies or has an underlying medical condition. Instructions should be given as to how to handle problems, but understand that we are not equipped to deal with medical issues.
  • Warm-ups are not allowed during class time in the Primary and Academy Divisions. There is a dress code for the Primary and Academy Divisions.
  • If a student is more than 15 minutes late, it is up to the discretion of the instructor to decide if the student can join the class or observe only. Please let the instructor know before class starts if the student needs to leave early.
  • If a child is asked to leave the school due to behavioral issues after the first two weeks, a refund will not be issued. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Attendance and Closures–please refer to the Covid-19 policies. We will revert back to these when restrictions are lifted.

  • Weather related closures are tied to the Chicago Public School closures.
  • Classes with low enrollment are subject to cancellation. Please check our website for current class information.
  • Students are placed in classes according to age and previous training. CDA reserves the right to move a child up or down a level in the first two weeks. Adjustments on tuition will apply if a student is moved to a class of different length.
  • Makeup classes are permitted at the discretion of the director or class instructor. As a general rule, there are no more than three makeup classes per semester; however, there are some classes with no comparable substitutions. Makeup classes do not carry over to the next semester. No refunds are granted.
  • If a student misses more than three classes the Winter/Spring semester, he or she may not be able to participate in the spring performance. It can be very challenging for the instructor to teach and perfect the missed material and unfair to the other classmates to take class time to do this. Please talk to the director and instructor about the reason for absences to see what accommodations can be made.

Studio Rules–please refer to the Covid-19 policies. We will revert back to these when restrictions are lifted.

  • Street shoes are not allowed in the studios. Children should not wear their dance shoes out of the building. They should also cover up their tights and leotards before leaving the building.
  • No jewelry, with the exception of small earrings, is allowed.  No safety pins are allowed on shoes or other gear. Elastics and ribbons have to be sewn in the proper place on slippers and pointe shoes.
  • Water is allowed in the studios; all other food and drink is allowed ONLY in the break room. Chewing gum is prohibited in the studios.
  • Lockers are only for use during class time. Locks are not provided.
  • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  There is a lost and found basket in the back hallway. Items will only be kept for a reasonable length of time.


  • Payment is due prior to the first class taken.
  • Refunds are not allowed after the first two weeks of classes: a refund of 75% will be given during this grace period. Summer refunds are only permitted before classes begin.
  • Tuition will be refunded on a pro-rated basis due to medical reasons if a doctor’s note is presented. Tuition will not be refunded due to excessive absences.